FTG Technical Tuesday – What is Wet Stacking?

With the new Tier 4 emissions requirements, especially in a rental application, it is very important to properly load bank a generator when it is returned. Customer’s requirements sometimes fall short of proper use of a generator. Sizing a generator too large for the job at hand, sizing a generator by fuel tank size instead of load, etc. All these issues can and will contribute to poor performance of the generator overtime. The most common issue is wet stacking. Wet stacking is when a diesel engine operates without sufficient load, it will operate at below its optimum temperature. This will allow unburned fuel to accumulate, foul the fuel injectors, engine valves and exhaust system, including turbochargers, and reduce the operating performance. Symptoms of wet stacking are oily residue found around the turbo charger, leaking from the exhaust manifold gaskets and in and around the exhaust stack. Next week we will discuss Load Banking procedures. Have a technical question? (855) 303-7900 or nick@ftgequipment.com

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