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FTG Technical Tuesday – Air End Maintenance

FTG Technical Tuesday – Air End Maintenance High quality rotary screw compressors such as those offered for sale by Rotair are designed, engineered and built to provide many years of reliable service. However, a screw-type air compressor is a complex machine consisting of many moving (and non-moving) parts and components. Regular preventive maintenance is essential […]

FTG Technical Tuesday – Load Bank Testing

FTG Technical Tuesday – Load Bank Testing Load testing your generator system should be part of a standard planned maintenance program for all systems. The main reason to test your system under load is to make sure the generator will perform as designed, when it is needed most. This is the only true way to […]

FTG Technical Tuesday – What is Wet Stacking?

With the new Tier 4 emissions requirements, especially in a rental application, it is very important to properly load bank a generator when it is returned. Customer’s requirements sometimes fall short of proper use of a generator. Sizing a generator too large for the job at hand, sizing a generator by fuel tank size instead […]

FTG Technical Tuesday – Proper grounding should always be used when running portable generators

FTG Technical Tuesday – Proper grounding should always be used when running portable generators: Generator systems must have proper grounding and bonding of all electrical components and transfer switches to minimize the possibility of uncommon current flow resulting in a power outage, damage to equipment and/or injuries to personnel. The importance of grounding and bonding […]

FTG Technical Tuesday – Warning Symbols & Labels

FTG Technical Tuesday – Warning Symbols & Labels: Be sure to adhere to all warning symbols and labels located on your air compressor or generator and in the operators manuals. Going against manufacturer’s warnings may result in damage to your machine or injury to yourself. Don’t assume that every make/model of air compressor and generator […]

FTG Makes Inc. 5000 List!

FTG is honored to make the Inc. 5000 list! Equipment rental industry represented in Inc. 5000 list August 2017 The annual Inc. 5000 list from Inc. magazine is a list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. The list is made up of American independent entrepreneurs. Several equipment rental companies and businesses related to the industry made […]

FTG Technical Tuesdays – Proper Air Filter Maintenance

FTG Technical Tuesday – Proper Air Filter Maintenance: It is extremely important to maintain the cleanliness of both the Engine and Compressor air filters. The air filters should be checked weekly at a minimum. On dirty, dusty (Sandblasting) environments, both engine and compressor air filters should be checked daily. If the Air Filter Clogged warning […]

FTG Technical Tuesday – Minimum Generator Set Load/Capacity

Minimum generator set load/capacity: Running a generator set under light load can lead to engine damage, reducing reliability and cause “Wet Stacking”. FTG Equipment does not recommend running generator sets at less than 30-40 percent of rated load. Load banks should supplement the regular loads when loading falls below the recommended value. For technical help […]