FTG Technical Tuesday – Proper grounding should always be used when running portable generators

FTG Technical Tuesday – Proper grounding should always be used when running portable generators: Generator systems must have proper grounding and bonding of all electrical components and transfer switches to minimize the possibility of uncommon current flow resulting in a power outage, damage to equipment and/or injuries to personnel. The importance of grounding and bonding circuits cannot be overstated. It is especially problematic with standby power systems as circuit breakers can trip, generators can drop offline, and important emergency and life safety loads can be lost due to hidden grounding problem(s) that could occur during a utility power outage, when standby power operation is vital.

Most mobile generators have a grounding rod (see diagram) supplied with the system should it be required. A qualified technician should be consulted to advise if the generator has to be grounded as a separately derived system, or can use the ground of the system being supplied through a solid neutral connection. Local codes should also be checked regarding the use of a ground rod, some local authorities having jurisdiction require such an accessory to be utilized by the operator. Call (855) 303-7900 or email nick@ftgequipment.com if you have a technical question.

FTG Technical Tuesday – Warning Symbols & Labels

FTG Technical Tuesday – Warning Symbols & Labels: Be sure to adhere to all warning symbols and labels located on your air compressor or generator and in the operators manuals. Going against manufacturer’s warnings may result in damage to your machine or injury to yourself. Don’t assume that every make/model of air compressor and generator has the same warnings. Have a technical question on your Rotair compressor or TecnoGen generator? Give us a call at (855) 303-7900 or email nick@ftgequipment.com

FTG Technical Tuesday – Radiator Cleanliness

FTG Technical Tuesday – Radiator Cleanliness. The biggest cause of overheating is a clogged or dirty radiator. Silt, sand and other debris can get stuck between the fins of your radiator. This causes the air from the fan to be blocked and not allowing it to pull the heat from the fins. Radiators should be checked and cleaned weekly (more so when used in an extremely dusty environment). Only low to medium pressure compressed air should be used. High air or water pressure may cause the fins to bend and block air flow. Pressure washer should only be used as a last resort on a completely plugged radiator.

Have a technical question? Give us a call at (855) 303-7900 or email nick@ftgequipment.com.

FTG Makes Inc. 5000 List!

FTG is honored to make the Inc. 5000 list!

Equipment rental industry represented in Inc. 5000 list

August 2017

The annual Inc. 5000 list from Inc. magazine is a list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. The list is made up of American independent entrepreneurs. Several equipment rental companies and businesses related to the industry made this year’s list. Below is each company name and ranking:

  • FTG Equipment Solutions, Carneys Point, N.J., (336)
  • Whim Hospitality, Dripping Springs, Texas (661)
  • Durante Rentals, Flushing, N.Y. (1,476)
  • Excavator Rental Services, Camas, Wash. (1,940)
  • Point of Rental Software, Grand Prairie, Texas (2,750)
  • Big Ass Solutions, Lexington, Ky. (3,096)
  • Bottom Line Equipment, St. Rose, La. (3,530)
  • Nickell Equipment Rental & Sales, Newnan, Ga. (3,632)
  • Grand Equipment Co., Hudsonville, Mich. (4,497)

Article from Rental Pulse, an official publication of the American Rental Association